Shetland has introduced household recycling and is now dealing effectively with household plastics and cardboard.

Large household goods which are surplus to requirements have always been a problem and the age-old solution - chucking stuff ‘ower da banks’ is both illegal and deeply unfriendly to the environment.

The withdrawal of council skips led NCDC to consider how it could deal with this issue, and the idea of a Northmavine Recycling Centre was born.

Now you will be able to use our centrally-located site to offload any unwanted items - without having to organise a trip to Lerwick.

For just £60 a year, you and your immediate family can have access to our skips, scrap metal recycler, containers for unwanted large household goods. There’s a one-off payment of £10 for anyone else wanting to use the facility. Phone NCDC on  01806 544 222 to check opening times and the suitability of what you have to dispose of. We may be able to arrange collection.