Northmavine Groups


Northmavine Under Fives

Playgroup for children under five years

When: Fridays
Where: Ollaberry Hall
Contact: Charlotte Anderson
Tel: 01806 544222

Urafirth Nursery

Nursery class in Urafirth Primary School. Covers the whole of Northmavine.

Contact: Head Teacher
Tel: 01806 503 282


There are 3 primary schools in Northmavine –

Urafirth Primary School – Nursery, P1-7

Ollaberry Primary School – P1-7

North Roe Primary School – P1-7

There is a senior secondary school, S1-6 at Brae – Brae High School

Youth Clubs

Hillswick Youth Club

Waiting for up to date info

North Roe Youth Club
Waiting for up to date info

Ollaberry Youth Club
Waiting for up to date info


All play areas can be used by the general public, however areas located at schools can only be used out with school hours.

Play areas in Shetland are inspected by Sport & Leisure staff 4 times per year ensuring that all equipment is safe for use. Any equipment repairs and replacement are, carried out accordingly.

North Roe Primary School Playpark
, North Roe

Runnadale Playpark
, Ollaberry

Stucca Play Park,
 Stucca, Hillswick

Urafirth Primary School Play Park
, Hillswick

Valladale Play Park
, Urafirth

Multi-courts are ideal for football, netball and tennis and can be used by members of the public free of charge, however courts located at schools can only be used out with school hours. Some courts have floodlights and be used all year round.

Ollaberry Multicourt, Ollaberry Primary School

Facilities are inspected regularly, but any defects or damage identified by users can be reported by calling Sport & Leisure at Hayfield House on 01595 744006/47.


Northmavine Sheepdog Trials Association

The Northmavine Sheepdog Trials Association holds annual sheepdog trials with a view to improving sheepdog handling in Northmavine.

Contact NCDC

Northmavine Cattle Compensation Society

Northmavine Cattle Compensation Society compensates crofters for the loss of cattle.

Contact: NCDC


Ollaberry, Collafirth & Crooksetter Grazing Committee

Appointed committee to manage, maintain and improve common grazings around Ollaberry, Collafirth & Crooksetter.

Chair – Drew Ratter
Grazing Clerk – NCDC
Contact: Karlyn Garrick
Tel: 01806 544 222

Gluss and Bardister Grazing Committee

Appointed committee to manage, maintain and improve common grazings around Gluss & Bardister.

Chair –
Grazing Clerk – Margaret Roberts

Arts & Heritage

Northmavine Fiddle & Accordion Group

The Northmavine Fiddle & Accordion Group aims to promote traditional/Scottish/Irish music in the area and encourage young musicians in Northmavine. Weekly practices during winter in the Hillswick Hall.

Contact NCDC

HEARD – Hillswick Eshaness Area Regeneration & Development Association

Ongoing projects to promote the revitalisation of the social and built heritage of the Hillswick and Eshaness area. Projects include oral history, restoration of Cooch Kettles, bulb planting, etc. /

Northmavine History Group

Meet on Monday evenings through the winter from 7pm. Organises the themed exhibition at Tangwick Haa Museum.

Contact: Charlotte Anderson
Tel: 01806 544 222


Maakin & Yarnin Night

North Roe Methodist Chapel

Alternate Tuesdays 7.30-9.30pm £3 per evening
Contact: Betsy Williamson 01806 533270 or Kathleen Anderson 01806 544242

Makk n Yakk

Sullom & Gunnister Hall

Every Thursday through the winter and once a month in the summer 7pm start £3 per evening

Contact: Rosie Doull 
Tel:01806 522433

Hap Night

Ollaberry Hall

Last Monday of the month through the winter from 7pm.

Contact: Jessie Copland 01806 544271


Hillswick Wildlife Sanctuary

Hillswick Wildlife Sanctuary is a charity based at The Booth, a 400-year-old former Hanseatic trading post on the seafront at Hillswick. This is where Shetland’s sick, injured and abandoned seals and otters are brought to be cared for until they are well enough to be released back into the wild. A major extension and renovation project is underway to enlarge and improve the facilities.

The wildlife sanctuary is open to visitors most afternoons from June to September. Please give them a ring before you go.

Contact: Jan and Pete Bevington
Tel: 01806 503 348


North Roe Methodist Church

Services held at 3pm on the first and third Sunday of the month.

Contact: Paul & Joy French
Tel: 01806 544385

Ollaberry Church of Scotland

Services held at 11am every Sunday.

Contact: Maureen Cumming
Tel:  01806 544217

Community Council and Shetland Islands Councillors

Northmaven Community Council

Meetings held on the first Monday of the month rotating between the three primary schools and with online option to join meetings. Agenda and minutes available on the facebook page, SIC website and in the local shops prior to each meeting. Members of the public are welcome to attend. Please get in touch with the Clerk.

Community Councillors

David Brown – Chair, Rosie Doull – Vice Chair, Derek Robertson, Kevin Scollay, Grant Anderson, Bob McGeady, John Parry, Brenda Wilcock and Erik Robertson.

Clerk – NCDC
Contact: Charlotte Anderson
Tel: 01806 544222


Hillswick Health Centre and Community Polycrub

The Hillswick practice is the most northerly practice on the mainland of Shetland and serves the whole of Northmavine. Hillswick Health Centre is a purpose-built Shetland Health Board Building, built in 1993. It has two consulting rooms and a large treatment room with consulting space and full emergency equipment, video conferencing, a library, a staff room, tea and coffee facilities for patients, a dispensary and a surgery garden used by patients and the community. The Practice Leaflet and other leaflets can be downloaded from the surgery website.

The Health Centre’s Polycrub is available to patients and staff to grow their own fruit and vegetables.

Where: Hillswick Health Centre, West Ayre, Hillswick, Shetland ZE2 9RW
Contact: Dr Susan Bowie
Tel: 01806 503 277
Fax: 01806 503 399

Other Groups

Ollaberry Fitness Group

Circuit based exercises going at your own pace. Everyone is welcome

Every Monday 6.30pm £2 a session

Ollaberry Hall
Contact: Charlotte Anderson
Tel: 01806 544222

Sullom Fitness Group

Every Wednesday 6-7pm

Sullom & Gunnister Hall


Collafirth Marina Users Association

Run and maintain the marina at the Collafirth Brig.

Contact John Stephen??

Ollaberry Boating Club

Run and maintain around the slip at Runnadale, Ollaberry

Contact: Ewen Mowat??

Northmavine Angels – motorcycle group

Various locations

We are a group of infamous like minded Northmavine motorcyclists who meet for occasional ride outs. We have a WhatsApp group that anyone can join provided they are broad minded 

Contact: Bob McGeady
Phone: 07714281254

Nort Trow Community Garden

Volunteer run garden in North Roe. Always looking for more people to volunteer and help. You can learn more about the development of the garden here.

Contact: Maureen Cumming 
Phone: 01806 544217

Ollaberry Scottish Women’s Rural Institute

Open to any woman living in Scotland. Meet on Tuesdays in the Ollaberry Hall from 7pm once a month.

Contact: Jessie Copland
Phone: 01806 544271

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