Growing Local Produce Show Results

Published on: Sep 9, 2022

Growing Local Produce Show Results

The first Growing Local Produce Show was a roaring success with lots of entries across the board. We would like to thank our judge David Womersley from the Sandwick Community Gardens and our prize sponsors - Braewick Agri, Braewick Cafe, NCDC, Polycrub, Heatsave Shetland and Da Hufsi Box. Below the results from each class can be found. Thanks to everyone who took part, can't wait to see even more entries next year! 

Vegetable Section

Class 1 5 Potatoes - White - 1st Lorraine Bruce, 2nd Jessica Williamson, 3rd Margaret Roberts 

Class 2 5 Potatoes – Coloured - 1st Lorraine Bruce, 2nd Bobby Williamson, 3rd Margaret Robert

Class 3 1 Cauliflower - no entries

Class 4 3 Carrots - with tops attached - 1st Lillias Ratter, 2nd Susan Davidson, 3rd Kit and Ewen Mowat

Class 5 3 Onions - 1st Lorraine Bruce

Class 6 A pair of Courgettes - 1st A Smedley, 2nd H Haslam, 3rd T Johnson

7 A pair of Cucumbers - 1st M Roberts, 2nd Kit and Ewen Mowat

8 A Cabbage of any colour - 1st E Poleson, 2nd E Poleson, 3rd Kath Anderson

9 3 Beetroot - 1st Susan Davidson, 2nd Kit and Ewen Mowat, 3rd Kath Anderson

10 6 Tomatoes - 1st Elaina Leach, 2nd Susan Davidson, 3rd Kit and Ewen Mowat

11 3 Hot Chillis - Any variety - 1st Elaina Leach, 2nd Margaret Roberts, 3rd Susan Davidson

12 A vase of 5 different Herbs - 1st Elaina Leach, 2nd Susan Davidson, 3rd Mandy Moore

13 A box, basket or tray of 5 Different Vegetables - 1st Margaret Roberts


Special Vegetable Section - For these classes there can only be one winner!

14 Longest carrot - No entries

15 Longest Cucumber - no entries

16 Longest Rhubarb Stalk - 1st J. Mowat

17 Heaviest Onion - no entries

18 Heaviest potato - no entries

19 Funniest shaped Vegetable - 1st Bobby Williamson, 2nd H Haslam, 3rd H Haslam


Fruit Selection

20 4 Apples - 1st Mandy Moore, 2nd J Williamson, 3rd T Mouat

21 4 Pears - no entries

22 4 stone fruit same variety - 1st Margaret Roberts

23 6 soft fruit same variety - Elaina Leach

24 Any other fruit not listed above - At least 3 of the same fruit - 1st Kit and Ewen Mowat, 2nd Jane Evans, 3rd V. Peterson


Potted Plants

25 Foliage Pot Plant - 1st L Manson, 2nd V Peterson

26 1 Flowering Pot Plant - 1st E Poleson

27 1 Cactus - 1st V Peterson, 2nd E Poleson, 3rd Sheena Poleson

28 1 Succulent - 1st S Poleson, Sheena Poleson


Flower Section

29 1 Rose Specimen - A stem of any variety - 1st  Bobby Williamson, 2nd Kit and Ewen Mowat, 3rd J Williamson

30 1 vase of Mixed Annuals - Flowers raised from seed - 1st E Poleson

31 1 vase of Mixed Garden Flowers - Minimum 3 varieties - 1st L Manson, 2nd V Peterson, 3rd V Peterson 


Floral Art

32 A floral arrangement in a ‘Cup & Saucer’ - 1st L Bruce, 2nd J Williamson, 3rd L Manson

33 A floral arrangement in an ‘Unusual Container’ - 1st J Williamson, 2nd J Evans

34 A floral arrangement in a ‘Single Colour’ - 1st L Manson, 2nd Bobby Williamson, 3rd L Manson 


Home Baking & Preserves

35 A Celebration Cake - Not exceeding 20cm diameter - 1st J Mowat

36 A Gardener’s Lunchbox - Minimum 3 homemade items - 1st J Mowat

37 4 Fruit Scones - 1st E Mowat, 2nd J Mowat

38 Jar of Jam - Any flavour - 1st Kit and Ewen Mowat, 2nd L Manson, 3rd J Williamson

39 Jar of Marmalade - Any flavour - 1st L Manson, 2nd Kit and Ewen Mowat

40 Jar of Chutney - Any variety - 1st J Williamson, 2nd Mandy Moore

41 A bottle of a homemade Alcoholic Beverage - 1st Susan Davidson, 2nd Mandy Moore, 3rd Julie Keith and Sheena Anderson

42 6 Home produced Eggs - Any colour - 1st E Mowat, 2nd Kath Anderson, 3rd Kath Anderson


Children’s Section

Age 8 and under

43 3 decorated Digestive Biscuits - With a vegetable theme - 1st C Johnson, 2nd M Smedley, 3rd T Smedley

44 Cress grown in an ‘Unusual Container’ - 1st M Smedley, 2nd T Smedley

Age 9 - 14 years old

45 3 Cupcakes - With a vegetable theme - 1st J Smedley, 2nd J Williamson, 3rd T Johnson

46 A Futuristic Garden in a seed tray – Northmavine 2050! - 1st J Smedley

Age 14 - 16 years old

47 Three slices from a Chocolate Tray Bake of your choice - no entries

48 An item made from ‘Recycled & Reused’ plastic Maximum size 60cmx60cmx60cm -no entries