Bruckland Festival Success

We can hardly believe it has been nearly a month since the first Bruckland Festival. The weekend started with a redd up. The Ollaberry Youth Club tackled Gluss Ayre, Mike Betteridge and Fiona Hargreaves tidied up around Mavis Grind and Grant Anderson headed out with a tractor and trailer collecting scrap metal. We also did a vehicle collection service with 17 vehicles collected waiting to be picked up from Bruckland shortly.

On Friday we had an information day with the SIC Climate Team and Kits for All joining us at the Hillswick Hall. We had a few folk come along to try out our ebikes. We also judged the Bruckland Animal Competition with Ella Tonner getting first with her brilliant elephant, Bella Ramsay second with a fantastic Giraffe and Magnus and Ramsay 3rd with a terrific crocodile.

Bruckland Festival Success

Saturday started off with a nature session in the Sullom Trees with Coleen from Nature Connections Shetland, which was a wonderful way to start the day, taking in our surroundings and Coleen even brought a special tea she had commissioned Island Botanicals to make using only local flora. In the afternoon, we were at the Ollaberry Hall, where folk could take along whatever they were working on. We had arrow making, knitting and embroidery, as well as other things going on. Esme Wilcock was also on hand to clean the jewellery and give advice.

Sunday was the busiest day with the Growing Local Produce Show at the North Roe & Lochend Hall alongside Sunday Teas and Polycrub tours across the parish. The teas took in over £1,000, with the hall committee having to send out for more baking to keep everyone fed!

We would like to thank everyone who helped in anyway over the weekend and to everyone that came along to our events. It was great to see you all.

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