Eco Products in Shop

Eco Products in Shop

The Hillswick Community Shop is a subsidiary of NCDC and has, since 2009, offered a wide range of goods to local and visitor alike.

These cover all the needs of the resident and tourist, from diesel and petrol through two-days-a-week postal services to hardware, dogfood, knitwear, books, souvenirs and the whole range of fresh and frozen groceries. It’s licensed, too, so there’s every kind of alcoholic drink to purchase, from the finest wines in Christendom to local gin and beer.

But there is a concentration on the local, and that means the shop stocks produce from Northmavine growers, and bakery products from all the Shetland bakeries.

The shop has also become a Shetland centre for eco-products. Our exclusive and legendary Italian K-pegs are stainless steel, super strong, lifetime guaranteed and come in a variety of colours. Much better than throwaway plastic pegs that let your washing blow into the Atlantic Ocean!

Eco-friendly washing, laundry and cleaning products are available, and much more too. The great thing about our shop is that the staff are really keen to hear about your enthusiasms and requests, and will do their level best to fulfil them.