Work Placement Opportunities at Nort Trow Garden

Work Placement Opportunities at Nort Trow Garden

Growing Local have recently partnered with the SIC’s Youth and Employability Services, Brae High School and Nort Trow Community Garden volunteers to provide work placement opportunities to school students – particularly those keen to develop their horticultural knowledge and skills.

The placement, located at Nort Trow Community Garden in North Roe (Nort Trow Garden | Facebook) has been taken advantage of by a final year student, with aims to expand the programme to include a range of students next year in advance of the garden’s busy growing season. 

The programme has come to fruition thanks to the dedicated long term volunteers at Nort Trow Garden contributing their time, along with Brae high school’s ability to provide transport for its students to and from the garden – a 32 mile round trip.

Such a placement allows students to learn in ‘real time’ about horticulture, through undertaking a range of activities (sowing seeds, planting out, composting, digging, weeding, grass cutting, path trimming, tidying up, moving garden features, etc.) whilst simultaneously learning from the garden’s volunteers about its plants and best horticultural practice.  The garden’s volunteers also benefit from these extra pairs of hands to help get the garden in good shape in the lead up to its main busy period in the Spring and Summer.

However, it is well known that weather at this time of year is not always kind to gardeners, and luckily Nort Trow Garden has its own medium-sized shed where indoor placement activities include helping to pack Shetland Kale seeds for sale.

Whilst the placement helps to provide students with a link between school and entering the work environment, research through Growing Local also identified that there is a desire within the local community to encourage young people to grow their own produce and to some degree learn about traditional growing techniques, which are typically well adapted to the Shetland climate.

The Nort Trow Garden, which relies on donations from visitors to the garden, has a long history of activity, including its adoption of an award-winning garden feature from the Chelsea Flower Show. You can read about this here:  Nort Trow Community Garden | NCDC Shetland (