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Housing Report

Many of you may remember taking part in a housing needs survey at the end of last year. The results have now been collated and compiled into a report. The survey has shown that there are a number of people in Shetland and the UK mainland who are interested in making their homes here.

As the report highlights, people have requested a variety of housing needs including social housing, crofts, self-build, purchase on the open market etc. This gives us as a community a host of possible solutions to our housing needs and it is encouraging that we're not looking at a "one-solution-fits-all" approach.

The NCDC is now working through the comments received via the survey and is having discussions with the agencies involved to ascertain whether solutions can be found to some of the issues. As part of this, we have started to compile a register of landusers in Northmavine who may be willing to sell sites for new housing in the area. As we explained in our newsletter, this would only be a general register and any negotiations and discussions regarding any potential sale would ultimately be at the disgression of the landowner. Our role is simply to point people in the direction of a landuser who may be willing to provide a house site. Anyone who has not yet expressed an interest in being included on the register and would wish to do so should contact Maree at the office.

Click Here to view the Housing Report pdf