Shetland - Northmavine Community Website
Northmavine Community Development Company (NCDC) is a registered charity in Scotland - Charity No SC039396 logo

NCDC: Vision, Aims and Objectives

Vision Statement
To be a connected, active, enterprising community with a thriving population of locals, returners and incomers alike who are actively involved in new and existing local businesses and contributing to a vibrant community life for all.

Tag Line

'We fight da slokkin o da light'.   This tag line is inspired by former Northmavine resident and fiddle player/tutor extraordinaire, Tammy Anderson.  Tammy lived in Eshaness and was driving away one evening when he was struck by how few houses remained wth a light burning.  This inspired him to write the beautiful and haunting 'Da Slockit Light' (slockit - Shetland for extinguished)   The tune expresses his sadness that the population of Eshaness was dwindling and the lights in his village were being extinguished, one by one.

NCDC’s mission is to support the economic and social development of Northmavine in line with the Northmavine Development Plan; to promote and improve for the public benefit the economic, social and cultural well-being of people living and working in Northmavine through regeneration.

The main aim of the NCDC is to work with the community of Northmavine and its partner agencies, links and networks to help make Northmavine a better place to work, live or visit.

The company has been formed to benefit the community of Northmavine to encourage and promote development and other measures to help fulfil the following five objectives:

  • COMMUNAL: To work with the community of Northmavine through clear and regular communication to reverse population decline and improve services.   
  • ECONOMIC: To develop a diverse and robust economy in Northmavine to meet the needs, skills and aspirations of the community.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL: To protect and develop the environment of Northmavine, ensuring the sustainable use of its resources.
  • CULTURAL: To celebrate, enhance and promote the cultural heritage of Northmavine.
  • PROMOTIONAL: To raise the profile of Northmavine, and generate greater awareness of the area’s unique character and quality.