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The Big Bannock

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Big Bannock 2001

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Big Bannock


Big Bannock 2006

A popular fixture on the calendar since 1999 has been the fund-raising Big Bannock event, a fun day out featuring the baking of the Big Bannock (scone-type local delicacy), Merry Tiller racing and various other exciting events.

The 1999 Big Bannock was held in the North Roe and Lochend Hall and this raised £500 each for Cancer Research and the John Sinclair Memorial Fund. The year 2000 Big Bannock raised a total of £3700 which was distributed to the Imperial Cancer Research Fund and Dylans Trust Fund.

record breaking Big Bannock


The 2001 event supported the Imperial Cancer Research Fund and also the North Haven Care Centre, in the purchase of essential equipment. The Big Bannock event has continued to support charities by their events on the day and, a must for every discerning wall, the Big Bannock calendar.

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Wheel of Pants and Gorgeous Brunette

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Top photo © Lorna Sandison, others © Big Bannock