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Northmavine Community Directory

Please note this may not be a complete list of all Northmavine community ventures and we cannot guarantee all the details will be up to date. We rely on information we are given by community groups to be correct and up to date, and the onus is on community groups to contact us with any changes or additions.

Do you have any more relevant information for Community Directory? If there are any errors, if you want anything removed, if you would like your community group added or if you have some more information or photos for your group, please email us at or contact the NCDC Office.

Children & Young People


  • Northmavine Under Fives

Playgroup for children under 5 years.

When: Mondays 1.15-3pm
Where: Urafirth School

When: Thursdays 1.15-3pm
Where: Ollaberry School
Contact: Cynthia Poleson
Tel: 01806 544 322

  • Urafirth Nursery

Nursery class in Urafirth Primary School. Covers the whole of Northmavine.

Contact: Head Teacher
Tel: 01806 503 282


There are 3 primary schools in Northmavine -

There is a senior secondary school, S1-6 at Brae - Brae High School.

Youth Clubs

  • Hillswick Youth Club

Ad hoc sessions are run by local parents with the support of outreach youth services staff.

These sessions are open to all primary bairns.

Where: Hillswick Hall
Contact: Laureen Manson 01806 503 246

  • North Roe Youth Club

North Roe Youth Clubs entertains and works with local children, lets them be creative, do different projects and run off some steam! Several outings throughout the year.

When: Fridays 6-8pm (Primary 1-7 and Secondary 1-2), between the October and Easter holidays.
Where: North Roe Hall
Contact: Carol Robertson, Dunroamin, North Roe, Shetland ZE2 9RY
Tel: 01806 533 308

  • Ollaberry Youth Club

When: Fridays 6-8pm for Juniors, 8-10pm for Seniors, October - end of June
Where: Ollaberry School
Cost: Membership costs £2 per year plus £1 entry each week
Contact: Marie Smith, Secretary

The Ollaberry Youth Club is entirely run by parental volunteers and has no paid workers. All families whose children attend are expected to take their turn 2 or 3 times on the supervision rota. All adults who supervise on the rota have Disclosure Scotland Checks. The club is affiliated to the Scottish Youth Clubs Association and is organised by a small committee.

The club holds its annual AGM in September and new committee members are very welcome. Typical activities are pool, crafts, baking, air hockey, Playstation, with some evenings having a more formal programme, eg, swimming trip, pantomime trip, quiz night, disco, barbeque, Voar Redd Up. There are currently about 20 junior and 26 senior members. The senior members run a tuckshop during both sessions. Membership of Ollaberry Youth Club is open to all young people in Northmavine between the ages of 5 and 18 years old.


north roe play area

  • North Roe & Lochend Playpark Association

Where: North Roe School

  • Ollaberry Multicourt, Ollaberry School

  • Runnadale Play Area, Runnadale, Ollaberry

  • Stucca Play Park, Stucca, Hillswick

  • Urafirth School Play Park, Urafirth School, Hillswick

  • Valladale Play Park, Valladale, Urafirth
    Contact: c/o Community Development, Community Services Department, Shetland Islands Council, Hayfield House, Hayfield Lane, Lerwick
    Tel: 01595 744 000

Senior Citizens

The Northmavine Happy Hour Club is for the senior citizens of Northmavine. It is a good meeting place for a chat and a game of cards, amongst other things.

When: Wednesdays (fortnightly) 3-5pm, summer months only.
Where: Throughout Northmavine.




    • Northmavine Sheepdog Trials Association

    The Northmavine Sheepdog Trials Association holds annual sheepdog trials with a view to improving sheepdog handling in Northmavine.

    Contact: Andrew Nicholson, Barnafield, Ollaberry, Shetland ZE2 9RX

    • Northmavine Cattle Compensation Society

    Northmavine Cattle Compensation Society compensates crofters for loss of cattle.

    Contact: John Sandison (Secretary), Assater, Heylor, Shetland ZE2 9RL

    • North Shetland Training Group

    NSTG logoThe North Shetland Training Group is the training provider for the mainland of Shetland from Nesting northwards, and includes the islands of Whalsay and Out Skerries. The Group organises training courses to be held in the area for people in the north of Shetland. Courses in agriculture and aquaculture are arranged for times and places to suit the attendees.

    For information on the availability of courses, or to make a booking, please contact:

    Sue Hawkins

    Tel: 01950 477 529



    • Northmavine Fiddle & Accordian Group

    The aim of the Northmavine Fiddle & Accordian Group is to promote traditional/Scottish/Irish music in the area and to encourage young musicians in Northmavine. Weekly practices during winter in the Hillswick Hall.

    Contact: Andrew Nicholson (Chairman), Barnafield, Ollaberry, Shetland ZE2 9RX

    Where and when: Thursdays 7.30pm, Old School, Urafirth, during the winter.
    Contact: Mr Willie Robertson, Secretary/Treasurer


    • Hillswick Wildlife Sanctuary & Da Böd Café

    Hillswick Wildlife Sanctuary logoHillswick Wildlife Sanctuary is a charity based at The Booth, a 400 year old former Hanseatic trading post on the seafront at Hillswick. This is where The Booth, HillswickShetland's sick, injured and abandoned seals and otters are brought to be cared for until they are well enough to be released back into the wild.





    The wildlife sanctuary is open to visitors most afternoons from June to September. Please give them a ring before you go. Da Bod will also be open to come and sit before the peat fire and just be - relax, read a book and soak up the atmosphere.  Jan has also opened up a charity shop recently to raise funds for the sanctuary and local causes.  The shop is open on Thursdays from 2 - 4pm and Fridays from 10am - 2pm during the winter season.  Tea, coffee and biscuits are also available - no charge, but donations would be gratefully received.


    Contact: Jan & Pete Bevington
    Tel: 01806 503 348


    Interior of the Booth vegetarian cafe











    North Roe Methodist Church

    • Methodist Church

    Where: North Roe Methodist Church
    Contact: Rev Jeremy Dare, 9 Hillhead, Lerwick





    • Church of Scotland

    Where: Hillswick Church, Ollaberry Church, North Roe Church, Sullom Church
    Contact: Rev Bob MacGregor, Olna Cottage, Brae, Shetland
    Tel: 01806 522 604

    Ollaberry ChurchNorth Roe ChurchHillswick Church










    Community Council & SIC Councillors

    Community Groups/Clubs

    Ongoing projects to promote the revitalisation of the social and built heritage of the Hillswick and Eshaness area. Projects include oral history, restoration of Cooch Kettles, bulb planting, etc.

    • Northmainland Community Minibus

    • The minibus is currently based in Lerwick

    For more information contact: c/o North Mainland Community Office, 4 Havragord, Brae
    Tel: 01595 743969

    • Northmavine History Group

    Collection of material on the history of Northmavine. Northmavine History Group also runs the Tangwick Haa Museum.

    Contact: Anna Irvine, 19 Stucca, Hillswick, Shetland ZE2 9XP


    Ollaberry Shop

    • Ollaberry Community Enterprise Ltd

    Contact: Annette Blance, Secretary, 01806 544 296

    Ollaberry Community Enterprise Ltd trade as the Ollaberry Shop. Licensed grocer with fuel, fresh food, bread, hardware items, toys, etc.

    Mon - Sat 9am - 6pm
    Thurs 9am - 7pm
    Sundays 2pm - 5pm
    Where: Ollaberry Shop, Ollaberry Industrial Estate.
    Tel: 01806 544 344



    • Hillswick Shop Ltd

    Contact: Manager - Sheila Tulloch 01806 503 767

    Community-owned licensed grocer with a great range of fresh local produce. Open till 7pm every night except Sunday

    Mon - Thurs 9am - 7pm
    Fri 7.30am - 7pm
    Saturdays 9am - 7pm
    Sundays 12pm - 5pm
    Where: Hillswick Shop, Hillswick, ZE2 9RW
    Tel: 01806 503 767



    Eshaness Community Centre

    • Eshaness Community Centre

    Used for all kinds of meetings, dances, sales of work and games. To book the Hall please contact Emily Robertson 01806 503 219



    Hillswick Hall

    • Hillswick Public Hall

    The main room and club room are available for hire. The Northmavine Fiddle & Accordian Club meet on Tuesdays 8pm.

    Contact: Laureen Manson, Secretary, Herradel, Hillswick
    Tel: 01806 503 246


    • North Roe and Lochend Hall

    Contact: Secretary, Mrs Saskia Cromarty, Lochend House, Lochend.  Telephone 01806 533228

    North Roe & Lochend Hall

    • St Olaf Community Club (Ollaberry Hall)

    Offering a range of activities advertised in the local press or local shop/post office or for private functions.

    Contact: Mrs Kaye Johnson, Heatherbrae, Gluss - Secretary
    Tel: 01806 544 377

    • Sullom & Gunnister HallSullom Hall

    Sullom & Gunnister Hall is available for community events and meetings.  Look out for details of Community Council meetings, , What's On, etc on the notice board outside the Hall. Anyone wishing to display a notice should contact Maree.

    For bookings contact: Maree Hay, Secretary, 2 Stackhoull, Sullom
    Tel: 01806 522 390


    • Hillswick Health CentreHillswick Health Centre

    The Hillswick practice is the most northerly practice on the mainland of Shetland and serves the whole of Northmavine. Hillswick Health Centre is a purpose built Shetland Health Board Building, built in 1993. It has two consulting rooms and large treatment room with consulting space and full emergency equipment, video conferencing, library, staff room, tea and coffee facilities for patients, dispensary and surgery garden used by patients and community. The Practice Leaflet and other leaflets can be downloaded from the surgery website.

    Where: Hillswick Health Centre, West Ayre, Hillswick, Shetland ZE2 9RW
    Contact: Dr Susan Bowie
    Tel: 01806 503 277
    Fax: 01806 503 399


    • Collafirth Marina Users Association

    Contact: David Laurenson (Secretary), Hytra, Lochend, Shetland ZE2 9RZ
    Tel: 01806 533 288

    • Hillswick Bowling Club

    When: Wednesdys 8pm - 10pm, October - March
    Where: Eshaness Hall

    • North Roe & Lochend Badminton Club

    When: Meets once a week between October and March.
    Contact: Clare Laurenson, Hytra, Lochend, Shetland ZE2 9RZ

    • North Roe & Lochend Boating Club

    Contact: Frank Manson, Valayre, North Roe, Shetland ZE2 9RY

    • Nort Rowing Club

    Contact: John Alex Cromarty, Lochend House, Lochend, Shetland ZE2 9RZ
    Tel: 01806 533 228

    • Ollaberry Boating Club

    Contact: John Stephen, Bardister, Ollaberry, Shetland ZE2 9SA

    • Ollaberry Badminton Club

    When: Monday nights.
    Where: Ollaberry Hall

    Contact: Jean Ramsay, Rona, Ollaberry.

    Photos of seals © Hillswick Wildlife Sanctuary, others © Fiona Cope