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Northmavine Community Development Company (NCDC) is a registered charity in Scotland - Charity No SC039396 logo



The Northmavine Community Development Company commissioned the website on behalf of the community. There are costs involved in keeping the website going, for example website hosting and domain name registration. We've been looking into ways to make the website sustainable and pay for itself, instead of having to rely completely on grants. The NCDC  is a limited company with charitable status. Charity No - SC039396.

Here are some ways you can support this website and contribute:

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Donation via PayPal

This is quick and easy. You can either pay from your paypal account or use a credit card. Any amount is welcome - no amount is too small!

To do it this way, click on the button below and follow the instructions:

Donate by cheque

Please send your cheque to:

Northmavine Website Donation
Northmavine Community Development Company
South Collafirth
Shetland ZE2 9RX

Cheques made out to - NCDC - thanks!

Do you shop at Amazon?

This doesn't cost you anything extra but gets a small donation! Simply follow this link and shop as normal on Amazon. (it's not just books, there are lots of things!)

How it works:

  • Amazon automatically makes a note that you came to their website via the website.

  • Do your online Amazon shopping as you normally would. The website and prices are exactly the same as if you had gone direct to the Amazon website.

  • As a 'thank you' for more customers shopping at Amazon through the website, Amazon pays the website around 5% commission on sales made by people who used the link.

  • The website doesn't get any of your personal details, such as your name, address, your credit card number, inside leg measurement, or anything like that. All that is between you and Amazon.

  • Every month, we get a cash payment back from Amazon, which offsets some of the website costs.

Sponsor the Northmavine Website

You can help the website by making a donation and becoming a sponsor. Businesses who sponsor the website will get a larger advert and a banner ad on the homepage. Contact Maree at the NCDC Office for details - or phone 01806 544222. (Any business in Northmavine can get a free basic business listing - email with your business name, address and phone number.)


Other ways you can help the website - needs you!

If you want to help spread the good word about, then you could try the following:



Thank you for supporting the Northmavine website!